August 4th - On to Wagontire

The morning's whiteboard
Things to watch out for - Marty - Rattlesnakes - Forest fires - Dysentry - etc - etc


We'd been hearing about it for the better part of the trip. How is was a one-man town, populated only by a grouchy old man who had Bike & Build do odd jobs before letting us stay the night.

None of us were excited to show up, and a bunch of people took roadside naps under shade signs to stave off arrival.

Things were surprisingly normal when we arrived - an older fellow and his son were working on fixing up the 6-room motel in hopes of opening it soon. An attached RV park had a handful of people staying.

Along the way, we passed Riley, a five-man town with a post office, combination gas station/RV park/general store, and a few houses.