I learned Python a few years back, and just took a course in Java last year. I've also monkeyed around with Processing some. I enjoy programming, both as a useful tool and as a great way to screw around.
Front of the frame
Fundamentally, I enjoy making things. I'm learning how to make things out of wood.
I'm majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering. I prefer to call it SparkE, but people look at me funny when I do. At any rate, the projects below relate to electronics.

Odds and ends that won't be written about often, but merit mention. 

Hammer and Anvil
Fire trucks behind us

Over summer 2015, I volunteered with Bike & Build, an organization that arranges cross-country cycling trips that aim to involve young adults in affordable housing. Over the course of the summer, we bike cross-country, averaging 70 miles a day (the longest day is 116 miles.)

Some days instead of cycling, we volunteer with local affordable housing organizations (usually Habitat for Humanity). On build days, we work on the build site from 8-4 or so. 

You can track my progress with Bike & Build's route tracker. Bike & Build also has a page describing my route. 

The articles below chronicle my journey in photographs. Hover over any photo for a caption or click to enlarge. I know that some images are sideways; I can't change that with the tools I have. You can click on the enlarged image to view the raw picture, and your browser should autorotate the picture.

June 6th - Helen's birthday

Helen in her birthday hat.
Helen wearing her ceremonial hat.

Helen turned 22 today. We're getting old. The group bought a birthday hat to commemorate the occasion and plan to pass the hat around for those with summer birthdays.

June 5th - Athens, GA

Helen in front of a hay truck
Look at all that hay!

Today was really nice. The church we stayed at organized a bluegrass concert (sorry, but I didn't take photos) after a potluck dinner.

June 4th - Biking Again

Abandoned rail station.
An abandoned station. A few people live inside, but the floor on one side of the building burned out.

Today's ride was nice, but early rain and a forecast for afternoon thunderstorms bagged the camera for the day. 

I did get some nice shots of an abandoned train, though. 

June 3rd - Three Homes at Once

House missing siding on the top of the front wall.
The house I worked on at the start of the day.

Today we worked in a small Habitat development. Helen told me the brief story: the city had brought in roads, sewer, and water for a contractor, but he fell through. They offered Habitat the proprrty for $29,000, and Habitat bought it. The subdividsion is mostly developed now and contains a mix of houses built by Habitat for Humanity and Homes for Hope.  

I worked on siding the top of a houses front wall. Others installed subfloors or painted. Helen made a bus stop. 

June 2nd - Handicap Ramps

Church at dawn
Yet another pretty church at dawn.

Today we worked with Rebuilding Upstate to build handicap ramps. Unlike Habitat, Rebuilding maintains and adds additions to existing homes. Our group divided in two and each built a ramp. My group built this long serpentine thing. 

June 1st - Greenville

Predawn clouds
As usual, I was up a little early. Morning clouds are gorgeous.

Today's tide was around 70 miles and took is into Greenville, SC. Due to an unhappy accident, I had to ride in the van for the second half of the trip. (I rode down a driveway without a helmet. Oops.) I did get some cool pictures from the van, though. So it wasn't all bad.

May 31st - Hills.

Cleaning chains in front of the church
Cleaning chains in front if the church. Click to rotate.

We biked another 50-ish miles today. The hills have been getting worse, but the group I was with was great. As usual, clock through the pictures and hover your cursor for captions. 

May 30th - The End of the Firsts

Predawn playground
I awoke before dawn to pack laundry the playground looked really neat in the predawn light.

For a while, at least. The rode was around 50 miles, and nothing really striking stuck out. Still a nice day. 

May 29th: 70 miles and clean clothes.

Helen pulling back onto the freeway
Stopping for a while at a river under the road. A semi buzzes by our bikes.

May 28th - My First New City

Bikes on a tarp
I realized I haven't uploaded many day-in-the-life photos. Here are the bikes on their tarps (to keep hosts floors clean)

Today we biked 70 miles (mostly flat) from Charleston to Pinopolis. The latter is a small town full of wealthy folks' houses.